Squid, octopus, shrimp and sausage all deliciously braised in garlic butter and ginger.
Fried in Tempura batter and served with basil mayonnaise, olive oil and garlic.
Fried black beans balls served with orange and hot pepper jelly.
Deep fried codfish balls served with hot pepper jelly.
Deep Fried Balls combo (08 unidades)
02 Feijoada balls, 02 cold fish balls, 02 sacanagem and 02 ribs balls.
Clássic Gurjão Fish
Crispy fish strips served with three sauces.
Breaded fried prawns stuffed with cream cheese (07 unidades)
Served with hot pepper Jelly.
Seafood Fried Mix (08 unidades)
Crispy fish strips, fried squid and fried prawns .
French fries (served with sauces).
Rustic Potato (half a baked potato with a crunchy skin served with three sauces)
Sacanagem (06 unidades)
Risotto rice balls filled with cheeses served with special sauce.
Rib Balls (06 unidades)
Fried and served with special housemade mayonnaise.
Tapioca Cubes
Deep fried cubes of tapioca with coalho cheese served with honey.
Octopus and cherry tomato grilled kebab served with ginger Teriaky sauce.
Fish Ceviche with mango
Buziano Shrimp Kebab
Shrimp and cherry tomato grilled kebab served with ginger Teriaky sauce.
Buziano Special Kebab
Octopus, squid, shrimp and cherry tomato grilled kebab served with ginger Teriaky sauce.
Buziano Fish Kebab
Fish and cherry tomato grilled kebab served with
ginger Teriaki sauce.
The House Bruchetta (06 unidades)
Diced tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil , garlic and basil.
Chicken Kebab (06 unidades)
Grilled with pineapple cubes and served with Teriaki ginger sauce.
100% flank steak burger, cured Minas cheese, barbeque sauce, onion crisps, and
the chef's special mayonnaise.
100% flank steak burger, half diced Minas cheese, bacon, smoked barbeque sauce and onion rings.
Hamburger bun, 100% flank steak burger, gorgonzola cheese, mushrooms, apricot jelly and crispy onions. 
Baguette, chicken breast, cheese, lettuce, tomato, homemade mayonnaise with basil. 
Grilled Chicken Caesar
Grilled Salmon Caesar
Seafood and green leaves.
Risotto made of Cherry tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese.
White rice with medium shrimp, fish, squid and octopus.
Risotto with mix of Shitake, Shimeji and Paris button mushroons.
Risotto made of medium shrimp, basil and parmesan cheese.
Veggie rice with mushrooms
Spaguetti or Penne
Octopus, squid and shrimp with fresh tomato sauce.
Spaghetti or Penne
Cream cheese sauce with shrimp and cilantro.
Spaghetti or Penne
Tomato sauce with ground beef.
Spaghetti or Penne 
Creamy sauce with chicken cubes of chicken breast and parmesan cheese.
Pesto com cogumelos frescos
Spaghetti or Penne
Pesto sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, french mushrooms, capers, cheese cubes and black olives.
Crunchy milk candy, chocolate, cheese cake and carioca diet.
Big chocolate truffle
Ice cream with chocolate sauce
Fish od The Day
Rice with cashews, Classic Caesar salad and lime butter.
With risotto Caprese and lime butter.
Fish of The Day with pea puree and "moqueca" sauce
Shrimp with cream cheese
With rice and french fries.
Grilled octopus with baked potatoes 
With crispie cabbage and bacon bran.
Thick Angus Beef
Served with creamy rice with fungi and rustic potatoes.
Filet Mignon with grava sauce
Served with cheese risotto.
Filet Mignon with mushrooms sauce
Served with rice piamontese .
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